Actions Speak!

So in my last blog post, I spoke about how I often use style to communicate. However, sometimes my actions speak even louder than my style. I also mentioned that I’m an introvert—but I also have a slight exhibitionist tendency, at times, whether intended or not. While writing FindYour Fabulous, some of my family members and friends were kind enough to provide fashion-related stories about me, and I’ve shared some of them with you already in a previous post. Here are a couple more stories...

This first story was shared by my sister…

The Grand Entrance

Ever since we were kids, Laurie (that’s what my family calls me) has had an eye for fashion and a penchant for making her presence known through her sartorial choices. This is especially true during events where numerous other people will be present. I will never forget the “grand entrance” she made a number of years ago at our cousin’s birthday party. This was an affair at a rented hall, complete with catering and DJ - the whole nine yards. The party was located on the second floor of the venue; however the coat check was on the first floor, not far from the entrance. Our parents, and other family members already checked their coats downstairs and were seated in the party room.

A short while later, I noticed Laurie standing by the doorway. She briefly surveyed the room, noticing the dozens of guests already seated, chatting as music played in the background. For this occasion, Laurie wore a fitted black dress with stiletto heels. A classic look for sure, but “classic” was not enough for Laurie. To take it over the top, she completed the ensemble with an elegant, full length raccoon fur coat. Laurie stepped further inside, sauntered toward the dance floor, stopped and slowly slid the fur coat from her shoulders. A hush seemed to descend upon the room as many eyes were now transfixed on the stylish and glamorous figure in the center of the room. I could swear the DJ actually stopped the music for a few moments.

Now content that her “grand entrance” was made and widely seen, Laurie draped the fur coat over her arm and strode confidently toward the door, making her way back downstairs to the coat check. I was greatly amused, yet not surprised in the least.

- Kristel, sister

Now, my sister Kristel has a flair for the dramatic, so I’m going to go on the record and say that I don't endorse all the details she outlined in the story…😊

The next story was by my friend and former colleague...

Did She Really Just Do That?

From the very first day Lauren graced the halls of Nielsen, I knew she was a DIVA. Short cropped hair, impeccably dressed, fresh frames and flawless makeup. The better and longer I got to know her, the more I realized that she truly was a DIVA. On one day in particular, she undeniably proved it.

Picture this—a large conference room with approximately 20-25 projects managers sitting round-table style. The managers were taking turns providing status updates on their current projects, and when it was Lauren’s turn, she began speaking and gently leaned to the side to reach into her purse. She struggled a little with the bag but she continued to give her updates. After a moment of simultaneously talking and searching, she finally found what she was looking for…a mirror and lipstick. Now, without missing a beat, she proceeded to freshen up her lipstick, double checked her look in the mirror, and she again leaned over to her bag and put the mirror and lipstick back inside. Meanwhile, the entire room was staring at Lauren incredulously as if to say…That was amazing, did she just do that? Yes, she did!

The funniest part was that Lauren hadn’t even realized that she’d done this when I mentioned it to her after the meeting. I had to have another co-worker retell the story before she believed it.

- Audrey, friend and former colleague

I have to say that I don’t really remember this incident. But in my defense, I can’t function with dry lips, so if I actually DID apply lipstick in mid-sentence, it was for a good reason. 😊

At my core, I believe in looking your best whenever possible, and I am 1000% committed to using style to exude confidence, tell a story, and set a mood.

Curly Girl Front.jpg

This outfit has absolutely nothing to do with the content in this post. But I recently wore this adorable top by Blacktag Apparel . A celebration of curly textured hair. I just love it!

Curly Girl Back.jpg

I wore the top with fitted jeans, a flouncy skirt (old), an animal print clutch and sneakers.

Curly Girl 3.jpg

Friends—we are so close to my book being made available. Please check back for updates soon.

Thank you for reading.

Be Fearless. Stay Fashionable. Have Fun!


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